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Vertical Drum Co. Vamp 8×14” Black Nickel/Brass Snare Drum

Vertical Drum Co. Vamp 8×14” Black Nickel/Brass Snare Drum

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The Vertical Drum Co. 'Vamp' 8×14 Walled Black Nickel Over Brass Snare Drum is hand made in the USA.

We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors - however if you are outside of Australia or New Zealand go directly to the Vertical Drum Co. to order.

We have these made to order and don't always carry stock. Allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of your snare if out of stock. We will always endeavour to get it to you sooner of course.
See below for demos and specs on this snare:
  • 8×14 walled black nickel over brass shell (no center bead)
  • 4.5″ tube lugs
  • die cast hoops
  • Trick throw and butt plate
  • 30-strand German metal snare wires
  • 10-lug construction for max versatility
  • Evans HD Dry coated batter head
  • Evans 300 snare side head


Made from a black nickel over brass 8×14 snare shell with a walled shell (no center bead), 4.5″ tube lugs, die cast hoops and every upgrade we could do.  Trick throw, the illusive German metal 30-strand snare wire, Evans HD Dry coated batter head, Evans 300 snare side head.  Our aim here is to create a beefy snare drum that you can’t live without, the one you’re excited to show off every time you play it.  Rock this one anywhere, anytime, and especially when you’re recording that live worship video where you need everything you play to sound amazing and look just as good.

This snare drum comes as a 10-lug construction to make it as versatile as possible.  We want you to be able to tune it low or crank it a little higher than you normally would be able to with a drum this size.

This drum is only sold with chrome or black hardware and a Trick throw.  The other 8×14 model, the Chorus snare, is our only 8×14 available with brass hardware if you’re looking for that flashy vibe.  Because of the die cast hoops on this Vamp model we can’t offer brass hardware.  The difference between the two 8×14 drums is this: Chorus has 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, a beaded center on the shell and an 8-lug construction while the Vamp comes with die cast hoops, a walled shell (no center bead) and a 10-lug construction.

Go see the Vamp 8×14 Snare in action (headphones recommended):


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