Reduced Volume Options

The re.vol Series

Re.vol Series

re.vol is an abbreviation of 'reduced volume' as these cymbals are designed to produce a lower volume response useful in a setting where less volume and a shorter decay are needed. Check out the re.vol series demos on our YouTube Channel or the videos below.



WE also highly recommend this Lower Volume Option for drums…


The Black Hole Practice System was designed to resolve the long-time struggle that drummers have faced: practicing or playing their drums without driving everyone around them crazy. This is especially true for worship drummers in small and medium size churches who have to resort to drumming behind the dreaded ‘drum shield’ to mute the sound of their kits. Features and benefits of Black Holes include:

  • Sounding just like a regular drum set–just a lot quieter!

  • Easily snaps onto the drums–with no head removal required such as with ‘silent drum heads’.

  • Durable mesh head built for longevity

  • Tunes to your desired tension with a single-point tuning system

  • Available in sizes 8″- 24″