Frequently Asked Questions

Red Cymbals love talking cymbals and we often get asked the same questions about our cymbals. Check them out below.

What are the cymbals made of?
B20 Bronze which is 80% Copper and 20% Tin

How are they made?
That's a long answer but we made a video: Check it out HERE

Where are they made?
B20 cymbals including the Re.Vol. (Reduced Volume) - Istanbul Turkey
Low Volume - China

How does the thickness/weight of a cymbal affect the sound as well as: size, finish, slope, hammering, lathing and bell size?

Thickness/weight: the thicker/heavier the cymbal = more definition, sustain, cut and less wash or trash. This also affects pitch and tone of the cymbal.

Size: the bigger the cymbal the lower the tone/pitch 

Finish: the finish of the cymbal affect how dark, dry or bright the cymbal sounds e.g. a brilliant finish on a cymbal will make it brighter and raw finish will make the cymbal darker/drier in sound.

Hammering compresses the metal and changes the shape/slope and therefore the way the cymbal rings out. More/bigger hammering can cause the cymbal to become darker / trashier whereas less hammering can make the cymbal project more and have a clearer brighter sound.

Lathing changes the weight and thickness of the cymbal. Lathing refines the cymbal metal and helps clarify the sound.

The Bell height, thickness and size helps contribute to the pitch of the cymbal particularly higher pitch. The bigger and larger the bell, generally means a wider range of higher pitch in the cymbal.

What makes a ride 'crashable'?
The size, weight, finish and thickness are some aspect of a ride that determine whether it is 'crashable'.

How I get endorsed? 
Firstly - you don't get endorsed. That is a misconception. The artist endorses (exclusively uses and recommends) a brand in order to help that brand broaden their reach and add positively to their reputation therefore leading to increased sales. The brand sells their product to the artist at a reduced price to help them exclusively use their product. Go to the Artist Page to find out more...

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