Pawel Ostrowski

Pawel is an "active" drummer, i.e. he plays for people, he is active as a sideman and session musician, and is always learning to play the drums, improving himself all the time. For Pawel, playing drums means making music as a team, not alone, and passing knowledge to others is an even deeper level of relationship that he is passionate about.

Pawel has created his own learning system -Complete Workout and has been perfecting it for years, testing the exercises and then teaching others on proven tools. Complete Training is not only effective but also enjoyable. For years, Pawel worked with " Magazyn Perkusista ", creating educational materials, then a portal called InfoDrum which he headed as editor-in-chief.

Pawel constantly supplements his educational materials, taking care of his own development and the needs of other drummers. Pawel has also written a textbook teaching specific genres on well-known works Drummer Stylish as well as a manual Na Cajon School .

Pawel also creates online materials -Percussion and cajon lessons.

Due to his contributions and the trust he has built within the drumming community Pawel  has won the plebiscite of the Polish Percussion Awards "Magazyn Perkusista" in the category "Drumming Personality of the Year 2019".

To find out more about Pawel please visit his website and Instagram