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Vertical Drum Co. Chris Garcia Model 6.25×13” or 7×14” Snare Drum

Vertical Drum Co. Chris Garcia Model 6.25×13” or 7×14” Snare Drum

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The Vertical Drum Co. Chris Garcia Pro Model 6.25×13 or 7×14 Snare Drum is hand made in the USA.
We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors - however if you are outside of Australia or New Zealand go directly to the Vertical Drum Co. to order.
We have these made to order and don't always carry stock. Allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of your snare if out of stock. We will always endeavour to get it to you sooner of course.
See below for demos and specs on this snare:

  • 6.25×13 or 7×14
  • 6ply maple shell
  • custom blue w/ sparkle lacquer
  • 20-strand German metal snare wire
  • brass hardware
  • triple flange hoops
  • double badge (of mercy + standard vertical badge)
  • 8-lug construction
  • Inde throw off


For this pro model we needed to make something as versatile as Chris Garcia.  And for that we couldn’t stick to just one size so we went for two.  We got “Lil Chris” and “Big Bro” here with the 6.25×13 and the 7×14.  Both drums are 6-ply maple with a blue sparkle lacquer, triple flange hoops, Inde throw off, 20-strand snare wires and 8-lug construction.  The goal was to make versatility in sound with an eye-catching design.  Tune either of them low and fat or crank them high for some crazy snare smack.

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