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Snare Weight

Snareweight 70s Insert for Brass #5 (Pair) Black or White

Snareweight 70s Insert for Brass #5 (Pair) Black or White

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70's Insert

Genuine USA Grade Leather 70's Insert for use with Snareweight 1,2,3, 4 or 5. The 70's insert comes as a pair and is the most effective way of eliminating ALL the top head over ring, think David Bowie Spiders From Mars or any band with a present up close to the speaker snare sound. The 70's insert can be used as a pair for the most dampening or individual left or right for less. Remember too, if the ring is still present in the drum, try moving it around the hoop... you have a 99% chance of knocking it out.


  1. Turn over the Snareweight and locate the magnet on the metal body.
  2. Turn one side of the 70’s upside down and feel the 70’s metal strip grip the magnet of the body.
  3. Repeat with the other side of the 70’s so that the leather arc in this way. See below pic
  4. Turn the unit over and place on the desired spot of the drum
  5. Easily take off one side of the 70’s for less dampening or less damping
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