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Red Cymbals

Cymbal Sizzle Chain / Beads

Cymbal Sizzle Chain / Beads

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Looking for some sizzle from your cymbals but don't want to drill holes and attach rivets to your prized cymbals?

This is a perfect option. It is made out of B20 Bronze - an fx hole cut out of a cymbal and your choice of stainless steel or brass beads or chain. We also have a variety of series mounts (Bright Hybrid, Dark and Desert - Let us know which one you like).

The Cymbal Sizzle chain has a single chain or a wire connector so that it can adjusted in size or can be wrapped around the nut to be shorter depending on the size of the cymbal. This is designed to fit on any cymbal up 26".

We can customise the length for you as well as the weight of the chain.

Get in touch if you have questions:

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